Sweet @ the Dragon's Tail

BacksideWho needs a map?

Men don't ask for directions! Twins?  Penguin and s1ug's rides.

From the rear

This is Scot's (aka: Penguin0600 on the forums) YZF complete with GPS and heated grips. Even though it's extremely clean, Scot doesn't let it sit much. This Cat sees action. He's even done a run on the famous (in motorcyclist's circles) Deal's Gap and "lived" to tell the tale! ;o) It's been leaned over in the twisties and dragged a few quarter mile runs as well. Note the installation of the GPS (that's Global Positioning System for you non techies). He did the whole deal himself right down to the tricked out brackets and all. Be sure to check out his own webpage with tons more pics of his bike, the installation of the GPS and heated grips as well as some great shots of his many rides. By the way, whats his "Penguin" alias all about? Well, Scot is a die hard Linux user and has the anti-Microsoft mascot tastefully airbrushed on his lid for the world to see.

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