All fixedCatching some sun

Crunch Click here to see more carnage

If any bike were to have a "story" hidden with in it, Karl's (aka: s1ug on the forums) Cat sure could. The top two images are how it appears now. The bottom ones show the wreck and it's resurrection. It's what? Yep. S1ug wrecked it himself and then rebuilt it himself. This is one Cat on it's ninth life so to speak. After a nasty off, S1ug decided to keep his bike and rebuild it from the ground up, possibly better than new. If you're familar with the forums, his user name (which is usually how I refer to him anyways) should be very familar. He's also authored many of the How-To's here as well as some Gear reviews. If you've got a question, he can probably answer it. Rebuilding a bike as well as the engine AND tranny can really make you intimately aware of how it works and how to fix it. The last picture links to another page showing even more more crashed pics of his bike as well as a link to his website with more pictures of the rebuild than you could possibly look at in one day.

Now that it's rebuilt, he probably takes it easy so as not to wreck it again right? Nope. Wrong. Not even close. He still regularly scrapes pegs on The Dragon's Tail and does as many track days as time allows. I'll have to track down some race day pics of s1ug and his Cat in action to post here soon.

Taming the DragonAnother ride at the Gap

**Update** Here's some track pics of s1ug and his Cat.