R6 brakes on a YZF?  Yep!

And you thought getting your knee down was hard  to do!Take a look at that tire.

V&H pipeIt get's ridden!

This is Kent's (aka: willer5 on the forums) 1996 model YZF. Take a close look here folks, there's more than meets the eye. Starting up front we've got some Goodridge Kevlar brake lines leading down to R6 calipers. It almost looks stock. Why such high powered brakes? Did you see the front and rear tires? Do you know what "chicken strips" are? I'm quite sure Kent doesn't. Those buns are cooked clear over to the edges. Didn't notice? How about that peg then? Big scrapes on each and every turn. Think you need an R1 to carve up the tarmac with the big boys? Don't tell this guy. Moving up to the tops of the forks there's a Sigma computer mounted, complete with custom made mounting brackets he did himself. I like to see these older body style YZFs but I especially like thinking of people on R1s and Gixxers that can't keep up with them. :o)

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