This is Kevin's (aka: KDK on the forums) 2002 Blue and White Cat. The mods are extensive and the list will be growing shortly. Starting up front, he added a carbon fiber triple tree and gas cap cover as well as a carbon tank pad. He added new grips, a blue anodized brake cap and blue windscreen to finish up the top side. Moving down you'll notice a blue bolt kit, frame sliders and painted lettered tires for that fresh off the GP race circut look. Towards the back of the bike things really get fun. He threw on a really sweet Micron titanium Scorched Slip on pipe, painted the rear hugger and added one of the finest undertails available on the market from Dassault. To make sure acceleration isn't a problem, it's also been re-geared one down in the front and one up in the rear.

Looks like a well done finished product right? No way. Soon to be added are full chromed wheels with fresh tires. To accent the chromed rims he's also breaking out the polish and attacking the mid pipe, rear peg brackets, heal guards and even the clutch and brake levers to make sure they gleam as well! Stay tuned for pics of those mods too. Extremely well done Kevin.

**Update** A man of his word, he's done more mods and sent me the pics. The chromed wheels were done by Sportchrome and look EXTREMELY nice. After chroming he also spooned on a nice set of BT010s. Try not to drool all over your keyboard folks. He also did a bit of polishing and added a howling Devil pipe. Very, very nice bike.