"Hey, nice R6!" Ugh. Anyone with a YZF600R will hear this at least every once in awhile. Think your bike looks like the R6? Take a look at Ernest's sweet machine. After owning it barely 6 months he was ready to customize it a bit. But how? He knew it needed to be different, yet classy. After walking into the local Yamaha shop he saw the new '03 R6's and fell in love on the spot. He's not insane though, he knew the Cat was the bike for him so he went to work on the paint job you see above. Oh it's so easy to write a check to a body shop and leave your bike in their hands for a few weeks and pick it up once it's done isn't it? Yes, that would be easy. But Ernest did this work himself. He took all the plastics off, hand sanded them, layed the flame job out and painted it. Super top notch work in my opinion. Anyone who's ever painted something in black, knows it's no easy task either. Those of you looking closely will also note the chopped rear fender, shaved and filled rear passenger handles and removed rear hugger. Very well done.