Taped up and ready to race.Ready for a nice tour!

Chillin' curbside.Nice "Thundercat" logo huh?

Zoom zoom zoom!

This is Jeff's (YZFJeff on the forums) bike. Being from Arizona, he gets to experience year round riding and takes every moment he can to enjoy it. Note it the seond picture up top. Traveling is not a problem and this bike sees some nice long trips. What's with the blue tape all over it in the first pic? Well, anyone who goes to the track knows this is a requirement for racing. All headlights, tailights and turn signals need to be taped up fully. So yes, Jeff hits the track with it too. As of this writting, he's averaging about one trackday a month! Click here to see some pics of it scratching it's way around a track. They're nice!

As you can see by the pics, it's mostly stock but he's added HBC pads for extra stopping power. Kimpex Heated Grips (hey it get's cold on those long trips) Intuitive Frame Sliders, just in case, PIAA Super White headlight blub, a Sigma BC800 Cyclometer, an alarm and finally some custom decals of a Thundercat on the fairings and a Zoom sticker under the headlight (it's an internet alais). Though it's nice, Jeff has left some room for improvement and plans to add some stainless steel brakes lines and a double bubble screen.

If you see this blue Cat on the track in AZ, move over, you're probably slowing him down.