BacksideNice seat cowl

Nice profile

Here is Ron's (Leenangle on the forums) bike. Those of you with an eye for detail will notice the tail light and undertail right away. The lights are off an FZ1 and have bright LEDs inside them. I think it's an extremely nice yet subtle touch. Adding to the class out back, he added the undertail and matching seat cover bothare UK made Pyramid Plastics pieces he obtained thorough (I'll add that he got them for a nice price as well.) Exhaust is taken care of through a Yosh pipe with a mid pipe and header made by Micron.

Living in Illinois as he does, can get chilly, to combat the cold Ron added heated grips and an extra power point beneath the seat. The future holds the possiblity of completely hand made custom rear sets, shaved passenger handles, a 49 tooth rear sprocket and full leathers from himself. Can't wait to see them all!