Here's Clay's (Clay Jackson on thge forums) 2000 model. Starting off with it mostly stock be quickly had the urge to make a few changes. The decided to spend most of the winter making it just the way he wanted. Starting at the back, he went with a clear brake light that he recessed into the back end accented by clear Short Stalk 5 rear turn signals. With the back end freshened up a bit, it was time to trim the excess plastic off the big stock rear fender. Almost done, he removed the rear hugger and chain guard for a nice clean look all around. Thinking the stock can was a bit quiet, off it came and was replaced with a super shiney D&D slip on to wake up the engine, and his neighbors a bit. With so much shine coming off that new pipe, he moved to the rims and polished the lips to accent the D&D perfectly. Gracing the seat is a Second Look seat cover in blue and grey to match the body. Up front he went with a Zero Gravity blue windscreen and Flush Mount 3 turn signals. Finally, he also dropped one tooth of the front sprocket for a little more power down low.

Looks great Clay.