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Race Face

Many bikes have a story of how they came to be, Rynier's 1998 model is no different. You see, he and his fine machine are from South Africa. In 1998 the bike pictured here won the South African Superbike Championship in the hands of Gavin Ramsey. Not only is the paint unique, the whole bike is!

I'll let Rynier tell the story:

"Since then [since purchasing the bike from the original race owner]a friend of mine bought it and returned the bike to it's standard state. He made the motor 600cc again from 750cc and resprayed it completely. All the decals on the bike has been air brushed in so there is no stickers. I suspect the head and cams are still a bit hot and it breathes through a complete Hindle Super Sport exhaust system. I bought it 2 months ago with a sh*t load of spares including the full racing fairing and tail piece and the 750cc barrels, pistons and rings. So if anything goes wrong with the motor now I will definitely be upgrading it."