Here's Stu's (stu81779 on the forums) 1998 YZF in Corvette Torch Red. So simple and yet so damn sweet too isn't it? Put on some sunglasses and squint to look past the bright red paint and you'll notice more than fresh colors. He also added the Dussault undertail, K&N filter, LP screen and LP low pro front signals. Needed the sound to go wit the looks he went with a super nice Micron pipe in (what else?) red. Not stopping there he also had the swingarm, front peg brackets and rear peg brackets powdercoated orange, and the frame was polished to shine. To finalize the whole look, the red continued around the clocks up front - my personal favorite part, and he even molded the rear tail to be all one piece. No gaps, no seams just one flowing piece.

With a bike so nice he must just sit at the mall and pose with it right? Wrong. He's added up over 16,000 miles on it and invites anyone in the CT area to look him up to go for a ride. With a bike like this, it won't be hard to spot him.