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Oh and you thought your bike was modified!? I don't think so. What you see here is Jacob's 1997 race only Cat. It started life as a regular bike but in Jacob's hands, it has become a full on race machine. Look over it's modifications and you'll see clean work, lotsa' style and a well planned project. Looks almost TOO nice huh? Yes, it does see regular track days at the Circuit Val de Vienne as well as at Anderstorp, Mantorp and Knutstorp in Sweden which shows it goes as well as it looks.

Modifications include:

-Sebimoto Carbon-kevlar race body work, racing tail section and air
-MRA Racing wind screen ("double bubble"-type)
-Harris Performance aluminium upper fairing bracket.
-Akrapovic full 4-1 racing exhaust system with titanium end can.
-Stock end can modified to fit the Akrapovic pipes for tracks with strict
noise restrictions.
-Factory Pro race jet kit 1.7.
-K&N Air filter.
-Factory Pro shift kit.
-520 racing chain
-Various gearings to choose from: 14 and 15 teeth front sprockets. 47 and
49 teeth rear sprockets.
-Öhlins 46HRCL rear shock with adjustable preload, ride height,
rebound- and compression damping. Modified by Kai´s
suspension services (UK) according to my weight.
-Wilbers reworked front forks according to rider weight.
-Discacciatti cast iron front brake discs (also on spare
-Spiegler steel braided brake lines
-SBS Racing Sinter (RS) brake pads.
-Gifrap aluminium clip ons -moved under the triple clamps.
-Domino clutch lever
-Lucas aluminium rear sets.
-GSG Moko frame sliders.
-VFR800 gear lever for reversed gear change.
-New battery . Half the size and weight of the stock battery.
-Dunlop D208GP/D207GP tires (also on my spare wheels).
-Rollcentre T200 laptimer.
-All unnecessary parts removed (ignition lock, rear hugger,
mirrors, lights etc).
-Front end lowered 15 mm, and rear end raised 15 mm for quick steering.

Future modifications:
-Brembo front brake mastercylinder.
-Carbon front fender.
-Wilbers steering damper
-Promoto rear ride height adjuster from Wilbers (raise rear end up to 40

**Update** Jacob wrecked his beautiful track cat and decided it was time to go back to street riding (where it's safer?). Thankfully, he wasn't hurt badly and he decided to put his bike up for sale to purchase this stunning Aprilia Mille. It's not a Cat, it's not even a Yamaha but make no mistake, it's drop dead sexy and you want one too. Sadly, his top quality Thundercat site is now down but his links pages live on right here on this site. (Thanks again Jacob!) Take a look a that Mille I was talking about and drool all over yourself.