Packed and ready for a trip!


I love this pipe!

Here is Ralph's (DOMINATR37's on the forums) 1998 Blue and White model Cat that he's owned since it was brand new. As opf this writing, he already had over 44,000 miles on it and planned to have over 60,000 by the end of the summer of 2003. You've got to love a bike that looks so good AND gets ridden more than once a week. Modifications were well thought out before any pieces were added. So far he's added an LP blue tinted windscreen, Second Look seat and Tank skins, a stick on white headlight cover, 100/90W headlamp for plenty of night vision and a Wolfman tank bag. Finishing off the custom looks he also added a carbon fiber gauge panel and triple tree cover. By the time you'll read this he have mounted up a trick set of carbon fiber brake and clutch levers too. Sure it looks good now, but how's it run? Very well actually. To keep the ride as good as the looks, the rear shock was rebuilt by Race Tech. For the tranny, he threw in a Factory Pro Shift kit to aid in shifting duties and even added a tooth on the rear sprocket. The final piece - and my personal favorite - is the addition of the ultra nice Micron pipe. You can be sure it sounds as good as it looks!

Knowing he'll be, (*ahem*) slightly above the posted speed limits now and then he even added an accessory power socket on the dash to run a radar detector. Tires are BT-010's and brakes are DP pads HH+ .


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