I don't know about you, but some of my favorite pics that people send me are of their trackbikes. Who says you need an R1 to be lethal on the track? Not Glen. Unlike most of us though, he DOES own an R1 as well but it's mostly for the street.

The Cat is track ready but he also left it street legal for when the mood catches him right. As it sits, he added an Airtech race tail and a Yoshi race exhaust. The wheels meet the asphalt via Bridgestone BT010 120/65/17 front and 170/60/17 rear. He adds that he loves both bikes (obviously) but thinks the YZF600R is more comfortable and the larger fairing makes it a little easier to tuck in behind. His only future mods will be to angle the rear pipe up more for a little more clearance because he's dragging the pipe in hard cornering. Yes!