Here's Marty's (martyyzf on the forums) beautiful black Cat and custom marble painted helmet. To make sure he's got power when he needs it, he dropped one tooth in the front and added a Jardine RT-One pipe. To keep comfy in the saddle, he recovered the seat with cloth instead of the usual vinyl and matched it nicely to the glossy black paint. The helmet was done by Marty himself and done to look like it's a marble. After poishing it until his hands practically fell off and covering it in a zillion coats of clear, it's done and looks great. The rear tire is a stock size Continental Contiforce and he says he's had no problems with grip.

Future mods are already in the works. He plans on trimming up the rear fender and adding short stalk smoked lens signals from LP for the nice, clean racy look. He also wants to add mirrored shield to complete his custom helmet.

**Update** He's added the short stalks. Take a look.

**Update 2:** Shortly after taking these pics, Marty lowsided his black beauty. Down but not out, he's taking this as an opportunity to improve the bike even more. Operating under secrecy - his apartment complex doesn't allow you to work on your vehicle in the parking lot, he's working on polishing the engine cases and frame while it sits in the storage facilities. For a "sneak preview" see below.

**Update 3:** As promised, Marty sent me the updated pics of his new and improved Cat. I think it turned out very nice! As for the color, I'll let Marty tell you all about it: "I first Started with two coats of House of Kolor Base White. Then the Top coat is two coats of House of Kolor Ultra Orange Pearl. After that there is two coats of Interclear Coat of House of Kolor Alabaster White Pearl. Then last two coats of House of Kolor Clear Coat. So you could Call it Ultra Orange Pearl w/ Alabaster Dry Pearl top coat. Or you could call it Marty Orange!" He's also having the Cat professionally photographed and hoping it will appear in the House of Kolor calendar. I'll keep ya posted on the progress.

New paint and polished frame Super nice profile!

Bright as the sun itsekf