Glossy paint!Gleaming in the sun.

This is Jimmy's 2002 Jet Black Cat. (Look at that shine!) Not one to rush into a purchase, he did plenty of research before forking over the money for this bike. He's obviously pleased with his purchases and loves it. His riding consists of weekend twisties but he'll also be doing 80 miles on day on it for the daily commute to work, not a bad way to wake up in the morning huh? ;o)

For now, it's stock but he's got big plans including a Micron pipe, chopped rear fender and some frame sliders. Stay tuned for more pics and updates.

**Update** Jimmy sent me some new pics of the latest work he's done. He's chopped the rear fender, added LP Carbon Iridium short stalks on the rear, a Progrip tank protector, Progrip Gel grips and removed the DELTABOX stickers. Check it out below.

Short stalks from the back Chopped rear fender profile

Race stands are cool