Tiffany and "Kit"

This is Kane's (also known as LazloinAZ on the forums) 2000 Cat nicknamed "Kit". It's got around 13,000 miles on it, though it doesn't look it! Modifications include: D207's front & rear, all YZF stickers removed, K&N air filter,Smoke Windscreen w/ stainless mounting hardware, EBC Double H brakes front & rear, DEI Viper alarm w/ pager and white LED (to make sure it stays HIS), blue gauge lights, carbon works triple tree cover and custom blue vinyl on the seat.

Future mods consist of: Micron blue pipe (bolt-on), EBC SRC clutch kit w/ Barnett springs, Shift kit, Electro-luminescent Gauges, 14 tooth front and 49 tooth rear sprockets, K&N jet kit, custom rims. **drool**

**Update** Kane has added the 14/49 gearing and added a nice set of Custom EL Gauges. The gauges were purchased from Gauge Graphics who post under the Vendor's section of the forums. If you like the EL (electro-luminescent glow) part as much as me I've got to depress you now and tell ya Kane did that part himself! Sorry kiddies, can't buy 'em that way. I'll let you in on a secret though, he tells ya how to do it on the forums. Take a look there!


Nighttime fun!Nighttime view

Just another view

**Update 2** Kane has now added the now famous Graphic Art Moto Design undertail. Check it out!

Mmmmm nice!Lights out

Bling bling!Lit left turn

**Update 3** He's now added a very nice Blue Carbon Fiber Micron pipe. Stay tuned for a sound bite of it hopefully soon.

New MicronSide shot


And before you e-mail me and ask... her name is Tiffany, she has a boyfriend and the photos were taken by Kane himself. You can check out his photography (and other ladies) at his personal website by clicking the logo below.