Who likes to blend in with the sportbike crowd? I don't and neither does Derik. In fact, after only owning this perfect 2002 Black Cat for a few weeks, he decided to stand out a bit. Once the decision was made to modify the Cat's looks a bit, he sent it off to have the rear hugger, front fender and lower cowling painted red. Not just any red would do though. This color is an exact match to his 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck. A paintjob as nice as this would almost look ruined by stock stickers so Derik added on chromed Yamaha Racing decals to the sides of the fairing. Continuing the looks, he added sweet reflective Yamaha Racing stickers in white to the rear hugger and front fender.

Since these pics were taken, he's added stainless steel frame sliders and a smoked out double bubble windscreen. Think he's done? Not yet! Future plans call for an aftermarket slip on pipe too.

Very nice Derik!