Harley guys have no taste right? They've always got their noses in the air when it comes to us sportbikers and hate "crotchrockets" and "Jap scrap" right? Well, it depends. You see Chris here has the best of both worlds. Not only am I talking about his beautiful 2003 Silver Cat and his adorable little girl Olivia. Chis also owns a Harley Davidson FXSTB, or simply the "Night Train". Some guys got all the luck huh?

As it sits, he's already added a Chromed out Micron pipe, K&N Filter and a re-jet to get the most of the combo he's got. He's also awaiting a smoked out double bubble windscreen. In the works, he's considering blacking out the bike similar to his Night Train model. If it happens, check back for updated pics!