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Ever look out the window, see that it's raining and decide you won't ride that day? How about snow? Well take a look at these shots, taken in the Alps of Northern Italy by Andrea, the owner of this perfect looking '97 Silver and Yellow Cat. This guy doesn't let the snow ruin his fun, in fact he enjoys the scenery as well as those wonderful Italian and Swiss curvy roadways!

Not only did he send these great shots of his Cat and the landscape shots I could only dream of, he also sent some Cross-eye technique pictures too. What are they? I'll let Andrea tell you himself: "... I found on the web a particular kind of "do it yourself" 3D photography, it's called cross-eye technique, and I tried to take a 3D shot of my bike... as the name says you need to cross your eyes and focus the left shot with your right eye and viceversa. You'll see 3 images and you must concentrate on the central one... It'll be a 3 dimensional image of the bike!" Try it out with the shots below. Hint: Click each image to see a larger one first.

Cross-eye 3D shotCross-eye 3D shotCross-eye 3D shotCross-eye 3D shotCross-eye 3D shot