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Here is Rigor Mortis's '03 Cat in Silver. His mods are tasteful and very well thought out. To help the motor sing a bit louder he added a polished Yoshi pipe that definately looks as good as it sounds. He also put his money where it counted most, in comfort. The miles fly by while sitting atop his new completely custom made Corbin seat. Not only does it look extremely good, it's also much more comfortable. Not forgetting his passengers, it also has the optional backrest to keep the pillions planted on the seat, not the ground behind him! ;o)

**Update** Well, he's been at it again and done a ton of more updates. Carbon fenders, Yoshi pipe, flush mounts and short stalks as well as some super sticky Avon Azaro's. Add to that a 14 tooth sprocket and a re-jet and this Cat is movin'!

**Update 2 ** He's done even more updates. Rather than put them here though, go to his newest page. It's worth it.