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This is Marcus' extremely clean Cat. He's done all the work himself and it looks great. Starting up front, he threw on an iridum double bubble screen and painted up the intake covers with "Mirage" paint to match the screen. He's also working on a carbon fiber paint technique that he discovered online and is learning to perfect. Working towards the back he added a solo seat cover, Indigo racing rear sets, Ermax undertray, V&H S4 Titanium slip on and of course, those custom installed R1 series taillights.

Oh, I can hear you now, "How'd he do the taillight mod? Was it hard? I want to do it too!" Well, I'd tell you but I can't. It's a guarded secret and I swore to never tell. Actually, I'm kidding. You can see how he did it plus many more pics of his bike at his website. Definately a good spot to check out, I'd recommend that you do.