Here is Joe's (FREESTYLEGUYNY on the forums) 98 Blue and White model Cat. His modifications are well thought out and carefully done to make it just about perfect. Up front you'll notice the flushmount signal lights with clear lenses as well as the smoked out windscreen. The factory stickers were removed from the fairing sides to clean up the looks a bit and mesh with the Second Look seat cover very well. Moving back is where things get really fun. He threw on a D&D pipe for the weight savings and sound but also for performance as it's mated to a SuperTrapp header pipe complete with jet kit. Moving further back, you can't miss the undertail kit complete with integrated LED turnsignals as well as the monster wide 180 Pirelli Dragon rear tire.

If you find yourself in the Queens area of NY, look him up.


**Update** Joe sent me some recent pics of his bike. He did quite a few mods and it looks great! I especially like the new Micron pipe and the night pics with the LEDS all lit up. Check it out.

Night time Daytime view

Rear with pipeProfile with new pipe

All lit up!Night life!Fireworks at night