My bike didn't look nearly as bad as I did.. or at least, that's what I was told by everyone. The pics aren't very good but if you look closely, you can see the damage. It was a total loss.

Yes, I'm a Mark Martin NASCAR fan!

Though it's hard to see, the left side of the engine is blasted really good. The outer most part of the crankcase is gone, the peg was bent back a bit too. Oh, I should mention, my left leg was in there sandwiched between the bike and the truck that hit me. You can also see the rear subframe was bent to the right as well.


After the initial left side hit, I went over the bars for about 20 feet or so (I was told) and the bike flopped over on it's right in a grassy field resulting in mostly plastic damage though it tore the right foot peg off too.

Here's another shot of the right side damage a little closer.

It WAS mint too!

This is the point of impact. The truck hit me basically from this angle. Taking out my left leg, arm and shoulder.


My x-rays