Joe Rocket Ballistic 3.0

I bought my Joe Rocket Ballistic 3.0 Jacket in February 2003 and have worn it for the chilly and damp weather. The zip-in liner is perfect for cold mornings and the armor makes me feel well-protected in case of a fall. There are plenty of pockets throughout and the inclusion of closable vents at the shoulder and across the back make air circulation fairly decent. However, this is not a good jacket if you are caught in some rain - mine leaked like a siv after only 10 minutes of riding. Joe Rocket claims that this jacket is 100% waterproof but I would honestly beg to differ. I have sent an e-mail to Rocket asking what I can do to prevent further soakings and will update as soon as I hear back. - Harv C.

I've had 2 Ballistic Jackets. The first one was obliterated in a low speed crash. The second one I've had for two years now and is literally falling apart. Don't waste your $200 on these. The features are fine, but they are poor quality. -Jay


Joe Rocket Blaster

I can't tell you what to get; however, I can tell you a jacket NOT to get. That would be the Joe Rocket Blaster jacket. I've had mine now for 2 years and the damn thing is falling apart! After getting completely soaked a few weeks ago, a zipper broke, stitching came undone in two spots and now the bottom is curling. Blah! After spending a good chunk of money for it, I'm alittle disappointed at the build quality.

Next, my friend with the same JR Blaster jacket took a mild fall last week (fell off bike at about 40mph). The jacket did save him from serious injury; however, the rough inner liner gave him "rug burn" on his shoulder and elbow. Obviously, this is much better than taking a fall without the jacket; however, I think it is pretty sh*tty that the abrasive inner lining gave him some scab. I think he said the jacket held up very well and he can wear it again; however, I'd be looking for something without that rough inner liner. - Penguin0600

Joe Rocket Phoenix

I bought one of the Joe Rocket Phoenix Jackets last year and like it a lot for hot weather. If you are not familiar with those, they are made out of a material similar to a football jersey, and have some armor in them. Completely vented, in other words. I'm sure it would be a throw-away item if you ever wreck,but at $130, I would just go get another one. -kevbh

The Phoenix jacket is made of a textile, mesh...and is like riding in a T-shirt. Granted, if you scrub, AND SLIDE, you'll probably MELT some of the stuff into your skin. But it will protect you against the initial impact. (The shoulders, elbows, and forearms are double-padded. But the back only has a single pad). - Raymond San Francisco

I also have a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket. The fit is ok, but not great. I think the sleeves are too big. Great for summer riding. Sucks in the rain (as would any mesh jacket). I've had it about two years now and so far it has held up and not fallen apart. -Jay B.

Hey guys. I hadn't really had any experience with Joe Rocket until about two years ago. I was going on a trip to Deals Gap and it wasn't quite cold enough for full leathers and I wasn't going for a carving session, just some light fun and cabin partying. I had heard about the Phoenix jackets through a friend at a local Yamhammer/Suzuker shop. He said he saw some guy come in with one torn to shreds but the guy didn't have a scratch on him and the guy bought another one. I decided to give them a try. I got a Phoenix jacket and also picked up some of their Phoenix shoes while I was there. The jacket worked out great and the shoes were just like some cool tennis shoes. I even got a compliment or two from some ladies on the shoes. I went down in the jacket stunting a pocketbike about two months ago and it held up. I was going about 30mph. It got In the winter of 2003 I bought a set of the Ballistic 4.0 pants and a Ballistic 4.0 jacket. I wore it all winter through all the rain and snow and nastiness and I could fit some nice long johns and thick clothes uner it. It was nice and warm and watertight as far as I could tell. The only wetness I got was down my collar cause I had it a little loose. I went down in them while test riding a track bike I was building and I slid across a street, over a bunch of rocks, through a ditch, and about 40 feet through someone's nicely professionally manicured lawn. Although very dirty, the gear was unhurt. It didn't even have so much as a single pavement burn through them. I was amazed. I did sustain some injuries from the impact but nothing major. I had a cracked rib, a few bruised internals, but other than that I was fine. I went into one of the local shops I go to for parts and gear all the time in my old leathers. They were all scrubbed up and broken in. The people in the shop were nice enough to set me up with this Joe Rocket big wig who hooked me up with a free GPX 2 piece suit in the colors of my bike. I've had them since. Good stuff. Hasn't had any stitching problems, no zipper problems, nothing. Nice suit. In my personal experience, Joe Rocket gear is well worth the dough.

- Dylan F.

Joe Rocket Meteor 3.0

Just bought the jacket and only rode for a few days, but this what I noted:

The fit is excellent, I am 6', 190 lbs, bought a large and it fits perfect. The sleeves are big enough to wear long sleeves (BDUs) with the liner. The quality seems to be good/borders on great, haven't had it long enough to see how well it will hold up! Feels great while wearing and is vented enough to be comfortable in the heat. Hasn't been hot here yet but rode it with the liner and it was hot. I opened up the vents and the air flow was great through the arms and out the back, it felt good. The bugs come off easy, unless you want them on, in which case they stay on even easier. The colors(Blue) are good and bright and the reflective stripe is good as well. The military requires bright daylight colors in day and reflective at night, so I do not need a reflective vest anymore! Seems to be a good value so far, after hearing about the poor zipper and stitching quality, I was a little worried but so far it seems to be great. Not sure if it is water proof as stated, I'll have my wife hose the bugs off next ride and let you all know! If I ever go down with it, I'll post a follow-up on that. - John Y.