Offering excellent value and comfort that rivals the big boys of the helmet industry, I would recommend the VR-1 to someone who may be a bit tight on cash but wants the security of wearing an ANSI and Snell
approved lid. The range of shields available is great as is the reasonable cost; I've found the quality really decent. The helmet's finish is not as great as the more expensive models, but from a distance they look great. I bought the silver and black model (this version no longer available) and it matches my '03 600R almost perfectly. The
removable liner is awesome for those summer months when your head sweats like crazy... Just pop them out, wash, dry, and you're good to go in a fresh-smelling helmet!

I find that ear plugs are required for long distance rides as wind noise is quite high, but for USD$189 I can't complain; this helmet overall is a good bargain. -Harv C