Final transmission

Ambi´s Bike shop, GER DID and RK chains and sprockets.

Carbon Tek, UK Regina chains and sprockets.

Gassmann Motorsport, GER Chains and sprockets. In German.

Hard-Core Racing, US DID and RK chains and AFAM sprockets.

Klaus Goerz, GER Sprockets RK and DID chains. In German.

Kneedraggers, US DID, EK etc. chains. Sprocket Specialists sprockets.

M&P, UK Sprockets and DID chains.

Motorcycle Accessory Depot, US AFAM sprockets.

Ohio Superbike, US DID chains. Sprocket Specialists sprockets.

Performance Motorcycle Parts, UK Renthal sprockets.

R&G Racing Products, UK Toe guards for rear sprocket.

Red Racing Parts, IT Sprockets and chains.

Renthal, UK Sprockets.

Robby Moto Engineering, IT Light weight sprockets.

Superbike Spares, UK Renthal sprockets. EK, DID and Regina chains.

Valter Moto Components, IT Sprockets.

Yoshimura R&D, US Sprockets.