Carbon Tek, UK Clip-ons and bar-ends.

Gassmann Motorsport, GER Handlebars and raised handlebars. In German.

GenMar Mfg., US Handlebar raisers.

Hard-Core Racing, US Clip-ons for racing.

Harris Performance, UK GP clip-ons.

Helibars, US Raised handlebars.

Inturace, US Bar sliders.

Kneedraggers, US Vortex, Graves and Team GP clip-ons.

Lockhart Phillips, US Aftermarket performance products of all kinds.

Ohio Superbike, US Vortex clip-ons.

Performance Motorcycle Parts, UK Clip-ons for racing.

Pro-Tek, USA clip-ons and bar-ends.

Red Racing Parts, IT Gifrap clipons for racing.

Robby Moto Engineering, IT Racing clip ons.

Stick-up, US Harris GP clip-ons.

Two Brothers Racing, US Adjustable clip-ons and raised handlebars.

Valter Moto Components, IT Clip-ons.