Personal Thundercat Homepages

Alan Laidler´s Page

Biker Friendly Great site set up to spread the workd about being "Biker Friendly". Check it out now.

Brett Wissel's Page Nice page with some assorted links.

Jim's 2001 YZF600R

Kevin's Owner's Manual in PDF format. Right click on the link and choose Save Target As... It is a 15MB file so it may take a bit to download.

Marcus´ YZF Thundercat site This site is the creation of Marcus R. Frequent visitors to will notice his ultra-clean Cat surrounded by the one and only Hooters Girls! Just try to get a pic like that with YOUR ride... I dare you.

Martijn's Thundercat Site Very nice site! Downloads, pics, movies amd more. Check it out, you'll like it.

MC -LogBook A log book for motorcycles. You can register all the maintanance and other events related to your bikes.

NorCal YZF600Rs If you live in the Northern California Area, hook up woth these guys.

PalomarPics.Net Our man Kent's own page. Buy your sportbike pics here.

Penguin0600's Site The Homesite of Scott McDaniel's Riding Adventures. All YZF, no Microsoft!

René's Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat site A great YZF600R site. It's in Dutch as well as a lot of English. Nice pics and a good links page of his own.

Rob Bunyan's YZF600/FZR400 Conversion What happens when you put a YZF600R motor into a FZR400 chassis? Rob Bunyan knows and now you can too. He'll even tell ya how he did it!

Steve´s intense YZF600R Page

Steven Gillioen´s Thundercat page A very real YZF600R page with cool effects and a very useful conversion table.

Susan's 1998 Thundercat Page A great site with information about add-ons and modifications to your ride including Heli-Bars, Frame-Sliders and more. Check it out!

Team Catriders A really site, created by Miss Thundercat herself. Mostly in French but you should definately check it out anyway.

Thundercat Riders Association

Thundercats R Us Nice UK site dedicated to our love. It has a Forum section too.

Xena, a nice Black 2001 YZF Mostly pictures of a nice clean Cat.

YZF Registry Check out all kinds of mods and opinions on this registry. Plus, you can register your bike as well!, UK Home of the Yamaha Thundercat mailing list.