Michelin Pilot Sports

I currently run Michelin Pilot Sports and I love'em! - yzf hotrod

One stint on Pilot Sports, which will never happen again. If I were ever to put a Pilot Sport back on, I would't bother to even plug it. Jjust cut it off right there on the side of the road and leave it.the piltos took forevcer to get warm. My only dry-decent pavement front-end skids were on Pilots. The tire profiles were weird. Front had a sharp pointy profile. It caused front end to be VERY vague, and very twitchy. I had to loosen the suspension up quite a bit to steady it out. It also tended to wander in curves, and any braking while leant resulted in immediate standup-comedy (which *I* didn't find funny) Rear tire...where do I start. Well profile is SOOO flat it isn't even funny.
I found myself leaning over normally. Checked tires, and the edges were rounded off. I was going past the tread area onto sidewall. NOT cool. Especially since I wasn't dragging pegs, toes or anything that would indicate I was near limits. I was OVER limits and not near the potential lean angle of the bike.
- s1ug

I like the Michelin Pilot Sports -realwrld

Great tires, but not quite the same grip as the M-1's. The Pilot Sport's have a fairly steep profile, which suits the 'Cat well. However, Michelin's are well known for making tires that let go and grip again very quickly (The Hi-Sports were known as "Hi-Side" for the same reason), and this can lead to scary moments if the bike is powerfull enough (like my R1). On the 'Cat, however, I never had a scary moment, and the only time it did step sideways on me, was a in a very relaxed way: "This was a bit too much, let's give it slightly less throttle here next lap, OK?" - Kai