Personally, I've owned HJC, Arai, and Shoei helmets and the OGK helmet is definitely one of the top helmets out there for it's price. First of all, OGK helmets are Japanese made and available in Europe, and have just recently been available in the US. They are BSI approved which is the British safety rating that is much more advanced than the US DOT and SNELL procedures. So you can be rest assured that you have purchased a safe helmet. Well, aside from it's unique colors, let talk about it's ventilation system. Aside from the looks, which turns quite a few heads, the ventilation system works great. My head stays cool even on rides of 90 degree weather. The first time I had the lid on, I literally had to put my hand across my face because I thought the shield was open. Though it is a bit noisy, I expected this due to it being a race helmet like the Arai's. The lid weighs in at a stunning 3.2 kg which is also .2 kgs lighter than the Arai RX7, and a price that is almost $300 less, you can't go wrong with the OGK. With a removable liner and easy push button shield removal system, the OGK helmet is a definite buy for anyone looking for something unique and stylish.

Submitted by -Tony824