Pit Bull Motorcycle Stands

I am very happy with my Pit Bull stands because they provide a stable and secure work surface. My Pit Bull rear stand has an adapter whatzit that allows it to work with either a non-spooled (YZF) swingarm or a spooled swingarm. There are two shortcomings with the Pit Bull: They are very heavy and large, thus un-"Handy" to store and transport. They are also some of the more expensive stands available. - cyclenerd

I have the Pit Bull rear stand. Expensive? Yes. Sturdy? Undeniably. Worth the money? Well, I'm not willing to take a chance on lighter weight, bargain priced stands since I don't have a lighter weight, bargain priced bike. The other brands may be fine in practical use but when I saw them side by side I had to go with the Pit Bull simply because of the heft. The adjustable lift point is very handy and the ability to switch between standard swingarm and spool swingarm is really good. I've used mine quite effectively on three different bikes in one hour and allit takes is about ten seconds to change width or style of lifting point.

Biggest selling points: Very heavy duty and adjustability
- Leighton D.