Shoei RF900 Picotte Replica

I just bought a black Shoei RF-900 Picotte, nice fit, little or no wind turbulence and nice conversation piece with the ladies. - trini905

Shoei RF900

By far, this helmet was listed as the lid of choice by many riders. I'll only include a few of the reviews I've got but mind you, there were tons of them!

I bought the RF900. I think it's very quiet and comfortable, and after a long ride, I don't feel like I had a helmet on at all--except nice helmet hair. There is a sound I hear sometimes at high speeds of 80mph+ that sounds electronic.. like a high-pitched chirp. I am not sure where it comes from yet. Overall, I love the 900. -ReyndoggYZF

I bought a Shoei RF900 because they claim to be quiet and light and all kinds of outher stuff. Well let me say that it seems to be a well built helmet (lets hope I don't find out how well it is built) graphics are AWSOME!!!!
Everthing is what they said BUT........... It is far from quiet though it would only be second quiet compaired to my hockey helmet. So yes it is quieter but all the manufacturers make them out to be. I bought all the add ons: chin curtain,breath deflector. I even bought one of those Quiet Rider things that pretty much seal the base of the helmet to you neck and still windy.(it may be nice for colder days) And last boy oh boy does it fog up with the shield down when you're not moving too much. You would think that it being sealed that good it would be quiet but nope. Those are my two b*tches about my helmet. -Tony

My rf900 was loud. Something I have noticed on them however is aerodynamically they are quiet when they are situated in a opening flat position. IE: the opening where you stick your head is parallel with the airstream. This of course is WAY higher and upright than normal riders sit. - s1ug

I have the Shoei RF900 Blue Blade design. Color matches the bike almost exactly. -coondog88

Shoei Z-2 Oryon

I just got the Z-two Oryon in blue. I bought it online at The Helmet Shop. This helmet is sweet and really really light, almost feels like nothing on. There is plenty of blue in it to match the YZF and very very clean looking. -yzfman1963

Got the Z-2 oryon in blue, cuz I really dig that design. My bike is black and I had graphics put on it similar to the helmet, so for me it is a perfect match. Very comfortable. - Omie

I got the z2 is a very nice clean...and VERY snug helmet...I got a large first time was very tight and I thought I would have to somehow buy a new one (no exchanges at the place I bought it from) so I was very sad..I have fat cheeks too, so figured if I lost some weight it would fit better but I forced myself to keep slipping it on. After about a week it started to fit a lot better, and now its snug as a bunny. Sound reduction is great when you're cruising and just kinda sit up. Bending over and crouching down for aggressiveness tends to boost up the wind noise..but still VERY tolerable compared to other helmets I've tried. Pretty good ventilation for summer too. Shoei Z-2s have good sound muffling..with the visor closed its quite quiet..and very snug..I like. -sofgunsmith

Shoei Z-One

Shoei's helmets have different shape (round vs oval), so you'll find that different helmet will fit different people. I have a fairly oval head shape, and the Z-One fits much better than the Interceptor, X-ceed, and the XR-900, which are more round. Of the four, only the XR-900 does not have replaceable cheek-pads. Beware that the size of cheek guards internally makes it quite difficult if not impossible to wear glasses. I did a cutout in the cheekpads
to able to wear my glasses. [See pics below].

I ended up buying a Z-One, and so far it has been awesome. Less wind noise than the XR-900, which is otherwise known for a low noise level. I do, however, still ride with earplugs to save my hearing... -Kai



Shoei TZ-1

The quality is excelent, the helmet is relatively
light, and venting does its job. I haven't worn a
whole lot of helmets but I have found that I really
like this one. The only negative thing that I've
found is that when all the vents are open the helmet
can be quite noisy.-Pilotimb