Sidi Motosport

Like them very much. The hight is like a high top sneaker. Have a velcro closure so no laces to worry about, and they don't make you look like you just walked off a starship. - Omie

Sidi Vertebra

I have Sidi Vertebra 2's, ... they squeek like crazy. Very embarrassing, but for the money I think [they are] one of the best boots out there. - ABshortay

I did opt ...for some more substantial boots for use on the track -- trading off some comfort for better protection. For track use I have Sidi waterproof (Simpa-Tex, or something?) boots with all the Ricky-Racer lumps and doodads. I'm satisfied with them also, for their purpose. They clack and squeak when I walk in them, are not as comfortable as the Alpinstars, and their "bold" looks are not what I want in a road-riding boot. -cyclenerd

Sidi Vertebra II

Sidi Vertebra II ( As you'd expect from a racing boot, lot's of reinforcements, replaceable slider bits here and there, and finally a fantastic fit. Originally I bought them for track days only, but after trying them on, I will only reluctantly wear my other set of boots, Daytona Road-Star Goretex boots.

Only nitpick: They are so stiff sideways (a good thing), that I
cannot use them when I ride Dreambikes ( Oh well. - Kai