Teknic Violator

LOVE it. Still really stiff, but I feel damn near invincible in it. Got it with armor. - tdah73

He gave me an update on his jacket, this review can also be seen at www.motorcyclegearreview.com

Product strengths: Thick leather, and with the armour the jacket feels damn near invincible. My model has the carbon fiber shoulders, and the styling of the jackets gets a lot of compliments. In addition, the fit is excellent. The perforated areas work well, even in the extreme heat of south florida. Removable full liner makes the jacket warm, even in freezing temps. Despite the thickness of the leather, once broken in it's very pliable and comfortable.

Product weaknesses: For whatever reason, the forearms are a bit tight. I'd like a little more perforated areas, but that's only b/c I'm in such a constantly warm environment.

Overall Opinion: I love this jacket! The fit, safety, and styling are excellent! I've had it almost a year, and have had no problems with quality, wear and tear, or anything else. It's more than I thought I would spend on a jacket, but having had it for a while it's worth every penny. - tdah73