Vance and Hines S4

If you are looking for a loud pipe - this is the way to go. I have the Aluminum S4 and it is very Raspy, but distinctive. The Titanium version sounds very different - a much deeper tone. You will be heard with these pipes.

Good Pipes once they have been jetted, much lighter and definitely a performance increase. Plus they do look good. On the downside the build quality leaves something to be desired as I had to replace the mounting bracket after it broke off on the freeway. -- Glenn A.


Vance and Hines SS2R

Not an incredibly loud pipe but noticibly louder than stock. It has a nice full sound at lower RPMs that quickly accelerates to a muted howl as you reach the
upper limits of the tach. This pipe seems to be at the cheaper end of aftermarket pipes for our bike. I have not changed any jettings in conjuction with the aftermarket slip-on and have noticed no difference in performance.