You get less wind on the helmet when tucked down with the double bubble and it looks great. The shape compliments the styling of the YZF. I bought the regular smoke. I am very pleased with it. It takes about 10 minutes to install. Just don't drop any screws. - ridgerunner

It has great wind protection. - gogunbaba

I just installed Zero Gravity's Double Bubble on my Thundercat. I think it is OK. I was expecting alittle more protection; however, i will admit it is a very good blend between more protection while keeping my head in "clean air". On some other bikes, the aftermarket screen is soooo big that the rider's head gets caught behind a pocket of air and bounces around in dirty air. Personally, I would rather be in clean air than have my head constantly being pushed around. Luckily, I don't have that problem with this double bubble. I did notice more protection when passing trucks on the interstate; however, I won't really know the true gains until I go for a very long ride. Somehow, I think it will help; however, I don't think it will be as much as I was expecting.

The fit is also only OK. I think the fairing plastic on my bike has stretched or changed shape over time. The holes for the screen were alittle short. As a result, the fairing "bows" alittle between the middle and top screw holes. I think after a few rounds of "roasting in the sun" it will all start to take good form.

Would I recommend this screen to others? It depends. If you are in need of a new screen because the stock one broke, then yes, I would say get this screen. If you are getting a new screen just to get the added protection, I would say no--the difference isn't big enough to justify the cost. If you were wanting a tinted screen AND you wanted some more protection, I would say yes. - Penguin0600

I tried, then abandoned, ZG's "touring" windscreen for the YZF. It is taller than OEM and has a lip at the top. I found it to produce quite a bit of turbulance around my helmet while not providing significantly improved weather protection. I sold it to another rider who seemed satisfied with the purchase.

I bought the ZG directly from the manufacturer. I was satisfied with their service. I think it is also worth noting that these aftermarket wind screens do not tend to be as sturdy and well made as OEM screens. For example, the ZG that I bought was thinner than OEM and did not have the molded-in bead around the edge such as is found on the OEM. Note also that aftermarket screens like the ZG are not DOT approved and carry a manufacturer's disclaimer against use on public roads (for what that's worth). - cyclenerd

I, too, have noticed that while some screws lined up and dropped in perfectly, others seem to gap a little. Performance-wise, though, I love this windscreen. It's a lot warmer in the early morning without all the extra air blasting me and I also found a benefit I didn't expect: It's a lot quieter.

Helmet noise is significantly reduced and the air's a lot cleaner around me. It's nice not to have to tuck in as much to get out of the wind. Bottom line: Fit notwithstanding, I love my ZG double bubble. - yzfjoe