Yosh RS-3

I just installed my new Yoshi RS3 titanium slip-on, wow, I really did notice the difference! The mid range and top end were very much improved I guess the best thing about the pipe is that it's really quite quiet at lower revs, but get it up around 8-10,000 rpm it howls! BTW, the pipe wasn't alot different in weight than the original so don't buy one for a major weight savings, buy it for the sound. - Buzzliteyr

I have a Yoshimura RS-3 stainless slip on, I noticed the engine seemed to breath a lot better, The RPM's come up quicker and the exhaust note is awesome, five minute install ! I would do it again !! - YZF4ME

I got done making my race headers and jetting my YZF but I hadn't yet decided on which can to stick on the end. I looked at Vance & Hines and all the others and when it came down to it, it ended up being a matter of sound preference and a slight difference in baffle restriction. I decided to go with the RS3 in stainless because of the look and the nice midrange sound it has. It's not too loud but not quiet. It has a nice scwaaa when running through the gears and the baffling is right on the money. Their race baffling is just restrictive enough to take full advantage of a good set of headers. It looks the sh*t too. - Dylan F.